Braun AutoSense Technology

Welcome to AutoSense Technology.

Available in Series 9, 7 and now in Series 5

Powered by AutoSense Technology
Synchronized shaving elements
Adjusts to the power of the motor 13x / second
In just
1 stroke
AutoSense Technology

Braun’s innovative AutoSense Technology, reads your beard and adjusts the power of the shavers motor to its thickness. 13 times per second. The motor provides extra power exactly where it’s needed, allowing Braun shavers to deliver unprecedented one stroke performance. This means fewer strokes, which helps to deliver an exceptionally gentle shave.

AutoSense Technology
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Series 9

Our best technology - the world's most efficient shave1, exceptionally gentle

Series 7

Smart technology – powerful and gentle with every stroke

Series 5

Maximum performance and skin comfort, even in tricky areas

Experience a shave that is both efficient and gentle
Shave more hair
in one stroke
Even in the
trickiest areas
With water,
foam or gel
Braun Shavers with AutoSense Technology
Series 9
Series 7
Series 5

1Braun Series 9 vs. leading premium tier products. Tested on 3-day beards / Details: